About Us

Welcome to Spring Lodge

We are located on the Main Shore of Michigan's eastern Upper Peninsula, nestled among the Les Cheneaux Islands along Lake Huron's northern shoreline. We invite you to come stay with us!

As the saying goes..."Easy to reach...hard to leave" .
Come see what the Les Cheneaux Islands area is all about.

Our Goal

Our goal is that you leave all your cares and troubles behind when you vacation at Spring Lodge. Nature's beauty has not been marred in the Les Cheneaux Islands. Take a step back to a simpler time and enjoy a family vacation like you remember as a child....Spring Lodge will help take you there. It's our goal!

Our Mission

From day one of our purchase of the Spring Lodge we have strived to improve every aspect. From newly remodeled cottages, to new docks, deck, and grounds improvement, our mission is to make Spring Lodge your favorite vacation resort while visiting Les Cheneaux! We greatly appreciate past guests at Spring Lodge and look forward to meeting and exceeding their needs.

Our Services

  • All cottages have ranges, refrigerators, automatic heat, and TV's.
  • Linens furnished, bedding, bath towels, and kitchen towels.
  • Complimentary kayaks, padlesboards, paddle boat, and bicycles.

  • We continue to welcome well-behaved dogs at Spring Lodge WITH PRIOR APPROVAL over the phone (906-484-2282)
    Our general rule for dogs is that they absolutely cannot bother any other Spring Lodge guest with their noise, behavior or un-picked up poop.  All dogs must be spayed/neutered.Your dog needs to be supervised at times and never wandering out of your sight.  When your dog goes to the bathroom it must be picked up immediately, if you have no bag you can use one of the three doggie bag stations we have across the property.  Dog poop must never be left on the ground, even if it is near your cabin.  Dog barking will not be tolerated.  You may not leave your dog in a cabin alone if it barks.  Barking at other times should be stopped immediately.  A dog heard growling or acting in any way aggressively towards other dogs or people will not be tolerated.We have quilts available to cover the couches and chairs if your dog goes on the furniture. Please let us know if you need any so we can protect the furniture for our next guest.  If your dog likes to go on the bed we ask those guests to bring their own linens for the bed. 200.00 per week.
  • Beautiful groomed beach.
  • Children under 5 free.
  • Driving Directions

"The improvements at Spring Lodge are incredible! I am really impressed at how great everything looks and how they are striving to improve every area of the property. So nice to see this wonderful resort return to it's glory"
S.M.H. Area Resident